Mr. Tschudy was born on 31 January 1963 in Yucaipa California, a small town in the foothills of Southern California. Being one of nine children, he is a descendant of the (Chippewa) Blackfeet Native Americans.

 He is a self taught artist and over the years he has sculpted in mediums such as stone, woods and clay, but being born with only his left hand he finds it more of a challenge creating his art with copper, brass and steel.

 For over two decades Mr. Tschudy maintained his studio and residence in Phoenix, Arizona. Now he resides in Dolan Springs, Arizona where he finds inspiration from the surrounding mountains and the solitude he now enjoys in the high desert terrain.

 His artworks are currently represented throughout the United States as well as countries around the world in private collections. Also his art work can be found on display in the finest stores and galleries nationwide.

 With each new creation his desire is to enlighten your life for years to come.